Scuba Diver Issue 4/2012, TTL No. 3

There’s a sentiment out there in the photographic world that the digital revolution has simplified things. Just get yourself the latest Nikon 800 or Canon 5D MkIII with a fancy housing, and all the different features of these state-of-the-art instruments will have you shooting cutting edge imagery in no time.

But photographic equipment is no different than any tool – harnessing its power takes more than simply owning one. In the hands of renowned photographers, who think first and shoot afterwards, fancy equipment does help to produce their innovative ideas – but it’s the inspiration that commands the equipment. Just have a look at the work of Tobias Friedrich (“360˚: The Cutting Edge” on page 84), Keri Wilk (“How to Shoot with a Snoot” on page 74) and Imran Ahmad (“Lighting the Surreal” on page 66) – three photographers who continue to push the boundaries of what we consider “cutting edge” underwater photography. Even if you go back 20 years, you‘ll find photographers like Peter Alexander Reiserer, who used cutting edge ideas to produce pictures that are still compelling and avant-garde today (on page 56) . And although his lighting was, admittedly, pretty advanced for the day, Reiserer still produced timeless images without the help of today’s digital paraphernalia. So it’s not about the number of pixels, nor the sheer number of picture programs or filters that you use – it’s still your cutting edge ideas and knowledge of photography that will help your images stand the test of time.


– Diego A. Garcia, Editor for Asia-Pacific and Australia
– Matt Weiss, Editor for the Americas
– Dietmar Fuchs, Editor for Europe and Africa


Featured Article

360°: The Cutting Edge

Panoramic images take on a new meaning with digital technology. 

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Destination Americas: When Penguins Fly…

Of all the amazing animals one can photograph in the Galapagos Islands, one soars above the rest

Destination Asia: Shooting Big in the Land of Small

An intrepid photo-duo take their wideangle lenses to a macro heaven

Gallery: State of the Art

Taking stock of the latest techniques and technologies in underwater photography today

Photo Pioneer: Ahead of His Time

Peter A. Reiserer was one of the first underwater photographers to bring commercial studio ideas underwater

Underwater Competition 2012

Winning images from DEEP Indonesia

Shutterbug: Lighting the Surreal

Mixing film and classic photo techniques for a new look in underwater images

DSLR Shooter: How to Shoot with a Snoot

Take control of your lighting techniques with this illuminating device

Panorama Above

Going Pro: 360° - The Cutting Edge. Underwater Panoramas by Tobias Friedrich. Click the right corner icon for full screen. Use the mouse to rotate and the scroll wheel to zoom. More interactive Panoramas exclusively in this issue!


On The Cover


Having survived the worst, humans have evolved. We are now prepared to share our knowledge with the alien species of this universe and beyond. Photo by Peter A. Reiserer, 3D animation by Ralph Haering