AUSTRALASIA Underwater Photo Competition 2014

Featuring images captured EXCLUSIVELY in the Asia-Pacific Region

Brought to you by Scuba Diver AUSTRALASIA and ADEX China (IUST)

In honour of the first annual ADEX China in Shanghai, underwater3some is relaunching the internationally renowned Through The Lens International Underwater Photography Competition.  ADEX China, the International Underwater Sports and Travel Expo (IUST), is the world’s first expo that brings together all the major underwater sports with the destinations that play host to them, and the operators that can get you there.

AUSTRALASIA Underwater is about celebrating images taken in Asia-Pacific. With five exciting categories, incredible prizes to be won, and a high-profile exhibition of 25 shortlisted images at the Malaysia International Dive Expo (MIDE) from June 6 to 8, 2014, this competition is not to be missed.

AUSTRALASIA Underwater will reach its climax at ADEX China in September when the winners will be announced at a LIVE JUDGING event, featuring a panel of world-renowned members of the underwater photography community providing invaluable insights on what they look for in a winning picture. Incredible prizes will be awarded to the winner and one runner-up in each category.

Category: The People's Choice

AUSTRALASIA Underwater will also include a People’s Choice Award. Right up until the end of the live judging, the public can vote online for their favourite shortlisted image. The winner of the People’s Choice Award will also receive one of our coveted prizes.

The People's Choice Award will walk away with one MARES HD computer and one set of Force Fins.

You can vote online for your favourite shortlisted image, until the winners are announced!

Category: Macro

For lovers of small critters and big lenses, we are looking for the images that bring Asia-Pacific’s aquatic environments up-close and personal.

4D/3N and six day dives and one night dive at Cocotinos Mandao, Sulawesi, Indonesia
One MARES MATRIX computer
One year’s Membership and Master Plan Insurance with DAN Asia-Pacific 


Hide and Seek - Indonesia

MA_339281_Ghostpipefish of the future_Lembeh copy.png

Ghost Pipefish of the Future - Sulawesi, Indonesia

Ma_648631_Pink_Komodo copy.png

Pink, Komodo - Indonesia

MA_693399_110247_Sheep Eat Grass_Bali.png

Sheep Eat Grass - Bali, Indonesia

MA_771623_Triplet_Lembeh copy.png

Triplet, Sulawesi - Indonesia

Category: Wide-Angle

Asia Pacific is home to some of the world’s most charismatic fauna and some stunning underwater vistas. We are looking for the wide-angle shots that reveal them in all their glory.

4D/3N and six day dives and one night dive at Cocotinos Mandao, Sulawesi, Indonesia
One MARES MATRIX computer
One year’s Membership and Master Plan Insurance with DAN Asia-Pacific

WA_129546_Turtle3_Sipadan copy.png

Turtle 3 - Sipadan, Borneo

WA_350544_Big mouth_Raja Ampat copy.png

Big Mouth - Raja Ampat, Indonesia

WA_661679_jacks and diver_anilao.png

Jacks and Diver - Anilao, Philippines

WA_779193_Diver and Jacks_Bali.png

Diver and Jacks - Bali, Indonesia

WA-218539-HumpbackWhale-Tonga copy.png

Humpback Whale - Tonga

Category: Compact Camera

Your rig may be small, but your ambitions need not be. Today’s technology makes it possible to use compact cameras to capture world-class images, and we want to see what compact users can do with Asia-Pacific’s rich subject matter.

4D/3N, six day dives and one night dive at Cocotinos Sekotong, Lombok, Indonesia
One MARES MATRIX computer
One year’s Membership and Master Plan Insurance with DAN Asia-Pacific 

CC_205869_Thysanostoma thysanura_Pemuteran, Bali copy.png

Thysanostoma thysanura - Bali, Indonesia

CC_245066_DonutNudi1_Tulamben copy.png

Donut Nudi 1 - Bali, Indonesia

CC_339281_Bring in the trumpet_Brunei.png

Bring in the Trumpet - Brunei

CC_339281_Royal Jelly_Mactan copy.png

Royal Jelly - Mactan, Philippines


Nudi - Bali, Indonesia

Category: Conservation Photography

Photography is a powerful tool in the fight to protect our fragile aquatic ecosystems. Successful conservation photographs can be shocking or heartwarming, hopeful or horrific. Photos submitted to this category should reveal environmental issues facing Asia-Pacific’s oceans.

4D/3N and six dives at the Siladen Resort and Spa, Sulawesi, Indonesia
One MARES MATRIX computer
​One year’s Membership and Master Plan Insurance with DAN Asia-Pacific 

CP_351898_Plastic Coral_Christmas Island copy.png

Plastic Coral - Christmas Island

CP_367105_1220945_Coral Reef Restoration Project_Pemuteran.png

Coral Reef Restoration Project - Bali, Indonesia

CP_467304_The Last Fly_Taiwan copy.png

The Last Fly - Taiwan

CP_559363_white's seahorse_sydney australia copy.png

White's Seahorse - Sydney, Australia

CP_847326_feeding_oslob copy.png

Feeding - Oslob, Philippines

Category: Underwater China

This Category showcases China’s diverse underwater worlds. Images can have been taken in fresh or salt, deep or shallow water, they can be macro, or wide-angle, and taken with any kind of camera, but they MUST have been taken in China.

The SIBU ISLAND RESORT will welcome the winner for three days and two nights. This idyllic island, tucked away in the South China Sea is a sanctuary in Nature. Six dives are included in the prize, courtesy of Divenautic. The winner will also get peace of mind with a Membership and Master Plan Insurance package from DAN Asia-Pacific, a MARES MATRIX dive computer to ensure safe, happy diving, and one set of Force Fins.

One runner-up will take home a USD100 voucher from FUN-IN UNDERWATER PHOTO EQUIPMENT.

水下中国展示了中国丰富的水下世界。照片可以是在淡水, 盐水, 深水或浅水区域拍摄,他们即可以是宏观的照片, 广角照片, 可以是由任何相机拍摄出来, 但是必须是在中国境内拍摄。

位于马来西亚的Sibu 岛度假村将为获奖者提供3天2晚的住宿。这个隐藏于中国南海的田园般的岛, 是一个享受大自然的圣地。获奖者可以去到由Divenautic 提供的6个不同的潜水点潜水。 得由DAN 亚太公司提供的Membership and Master Plan保险套餐,和一个MARES MATRIX 浅水电脑, 以确保安全,欢乐的浅水。最后, 获奖者还会获得一套Force Fins.

亚军将获得由FUN-IN 水下摄影器材公司提供的100没有的优惠券。


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